Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Dream House!

Some people dream of owning a mansion...or at least something bigger than what they currently live in.

But me? Well..I dream of having something much smaller!

It probably wouldn't be more than 50 to 75 square feet but it would still have all the appearance of a, door, shingled roof, etc.

So while I was out driving around the other day I was waiting at a stop light and I glanced over and there it was! My dream house! It even has a "for sale" sign on it!

This darling little cottage comes with vinyl windows, lights, outlets, a heater, planter boxes and even a front porch and cathedral ceiling!

Oooohhh...I can just imagine how wonderful this would look out in my back yard. There's a perfect little spot..right behind my garage.
It would be my own little "create" and to store some of my vintage treasures.
I can even see a sweet sign on the front..above the front window...

"Welcome to A Little Shabby Shack..."

Maybe if I wish hard dream will come true...

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