Sunday, June 7, 2009

My new laptop cover...

Ever since I've had my new laptop, I've struggled to find a case that it would fit into. Everything was either too small or too bulky or just didn't look like "me". I had this "vision" of what I wanted in my mind (oh how that happens more often than I can count)...something that was Pink (of course) and that would be girly. For many years I have always had the standard Black model-always professional and business-like.

So an idea came to me this I was sorting some of my thrift finds such as vintage pillow cases, fabrics, and lace trim. Why don't I make one?

So I sat down and got to work. I picked some wonderful vintage fabrics that coordinated beautifully and made myself my own custom cover! To say that I am pleased is an understatement...I totally LOVE it! It has all the elements that I fabric, buttons, blanket stitching...oh and the 1970's floral fabric just brings back so many happy memories.

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