Saturday, June 27, 2009


I was so inspired by this inked muslin trim by homesteadtreasures that I just had to try to see if I could make my own version. Today I was out scouting some local estate sales and I came across some lovely pink vintage fabric. When I saw it I knew right away it would be perfect for stamping!

So here are the photos of my creation...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love this!

Paying it Forward...couldn't we ALL use a little of this concept right now, what with everything going on in the world (economy, job losses, dwindling 401ks, etc.) ? So I decided to participate and I have listed items on both my stores (ShabbyChic Shack and Heart2Home that are PIF's items (paying it forward).

I guess it's my small, small way of contributing...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Second Annual Etsy wide Yart sale is happening now, June 10-14! During that time I'm offering all of my vintage rick rack, bias trims, etc. for only $1.50! For other great Yart sales search "Yart" on Etsy. Please check out ShabbyChicShack for my listings and Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My new laptop cover...

Ever since I've had my new laptop, I've struggled to find a case that it would fit into. Everything was either too small or too bulky or just didn't look like "me". I had this "vision" of what I wanted in my mind (oh how that happens more often than I can count)...something that was Pink (of course) and that would be girly. For many years I have always had the standard Black model-always professional and business-like.

So an idea came to me this I was sorting some of my thrift finds such as vintage pillow cases, fabrics, and lace trim. Why don't I make one?

So I sat down and got to work. I picked some wonderful vintage fabrics that coordinated beautifully and made myself my own custom cover! To say that I am pleased is an understatement...I totally LOVE it! It has all the elements that I fabric, buttons, blanket stitching...oh and the 1970's floral fabric just brings back so many happy memories.